Slideshare Blooms

Slideshare is a web 2.0 application that enables users to upload the PowerPoint presentations they create and to share them with a community of users. Open an account and see others’ work. It is in itself an excellent tool for learners to develop their cognitive skills.

Bloom’s new taxonomy presents a clear account of processes involved in the development of digital literacy. As technology advances and it becomes more ubiquitous, users need to move in a continuum between Low Order and High Order Thinking Skills. The underlying rationale for the development of digital skills and processes, then, is subsumed by thinking and doing and enhanced by collaboration with others.


  1. Analía: te felicito. Está muy bueno tu blog. Interesante y con muchas cositas, aunque el inglés no es lo mío :(
    También te felicito por utilizar software libre.
    Graciela Egurza

  2. Otra vez felicitaciones!
    Siempre es bienvenido un espacio tan didáctico, pensado para quienes saben poco, mucho o más o menos del idioma...

  3. Otra vez concido con Graciela, el inglés no es lo mio. Muy lindo tu blog. Adelante.

    Diego Engler