Google Docs for Educators

I started using Google Docs to have student teachers share and edit essays, while I monitor the process. It has proved a success so far, mainly because I don't get to see just the final product. There's a lot of collaboration between writers and editors, and much critical thinking involved. What they appreciate most about working with Docs is that writing is no longer a solitary activity. I should say that working this way has enhanced their sense of ownership and responsibility as well as contributed to improve the quality of their writing. Affectively, this has helped the group gel as they value the feedback they receive from peers. Like them, I have personally found this experience engaging. Read what other teachers have to say: Teachers Speak Out. This video shows how easy it can be to create, share and organize documents.


  1. Analia: Excellent work! Congratulations!

  2. No esperaba menos de usted! Idola!! Me encanta porque es super útil todo lo publicado. besos

  3. Hi Analía!
    Great blog you have here!
    I love Google docs too. A wonderful tool for, as your previous post puts it, the teacher accompanying while the students construct, share and cooperate.